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It is no secret that technology has become a significant part of our lives. Here at NacTech Solutions our motto is "We Get I.T. Done". We strive to have a solution for every technological need you may have. As our name suggests, we currently provide service to the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. No matter if you are in need of Computer Repair, Phone Repair, or you are looking to get something done creatively, look to us to get it done for you!

At NacTech Solutions we pride ourselves on offering the most affordable prices with the most professional work. Since we began in 2011, we have been extremely competitive on our prices and we offer a more complete job than any other in our field. We aren't like the big box chains where our goal is to make a sale. Our goal is to make a customer.

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Services start at $20

What Do I Need To Know?

Services start at $20

The majority of our services are offered in store. Whether its computer repair, phone repair or tablet repair, we can fix it at one of our shops. Click here for a list of our In- Store Services.

Not sure if you need your charger? How long do our services take? Click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions page for your answers!

Looking to get a new logo created, or website designed? Click here to find out our prices on Creative Services!

"Excellent service! Best computer repair in the state. Low prices and quick repair."


- Nathan

"Was looking for an alternative to streaming my TV. New Age Charlotte showed me this awesome alternative smart TV box. All I can say is no more paying for cable and enjoying all my TV and movies."

- Tony

"Thank you New Age Charlotte for replacing the fan in my computer. Fixed it faster than I had expected! I will continue to use them and recommend to people I know."



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