**NacTech Solutions started over 6 years ago as a computer repair company named, New Age - Charlotte Technical Solutions. Over time we kept adding services until we out grew the name and decided to re-brand as, Technink, a company that offers services in three different fields, Tech, Design and Print. This site is no longer being updated. Please call our store or visit our new site or social media down below. Sorry about any incovience and thank you for your support! **

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Hardware Repairs

Our hardware services range from anywhere to fixing a simple issue like soldering a DC jack to building an entire custom gaming computer! Check below for our prices and call if there's something you don't see.

DC Jack Repair


If you're having difficulties charging your laptop and you have tried replacing the battery, you might be looking at another common issue with laptops - DC Jack failure. The DC Jack is the charging port for your laptop, and many times the inside of the laptop is so hot that it damages the charging port itself. For this repair you will be looking at a $50 labor charge plus the charge for the new DC jack hardware.

Laptop Screen Install


Sometimes the LCD screen on your laptop decides to fail, sometimes your kids decide to drop your expensive equipment. Whatever the reason may be, NacTech Solutions Technical Solutions has your fix. The labor price on replacing a LCD laptop screen is only $50.

Custom Computer Builds


It's no question that building a custom computer rig is the absolute best way to go for desktop machines. You are welcome to supply your own parts, or if you'd like, we can recommend the build ourselves, and the labor will only cost $75.



Soldering is a task that is mostly left to machines in this new age of electronics, but it is still a service that we offer. Sometimes a capacitor may blow out on your motherboard or TV set. Instead of paying for a brand new board or TV, bring it to us and we can solder in a new part for only $50.

Keyboard Replacement


If you are having problems with your keyboard on your laptop, we have the fix for your issues. Supply us with the new keyboard or let us order the new part for you and the labor is only going to cost you $20.

*Certain laptop models are subject to a higher charge based on design.

Ram Upgrade


If your computer is a bit sluggish, or you have an insufficient amount of ram to run a specfic program or game, bring your machine to us at NacTech Solutions Technical Solutions. Supply us with the hardware or let us order it for you and the labor will only cost you $20.

Hard Drive Install


If you are looking to upgrade your storage capacity, or your hard drive has failed, we can install your new hard drive for just $20.




*This price does not include an operating system install*


This prices only reflect labor costs and DON'T include the price of any hardware (IE. hard drive, RAM, computer, keyboard, etc.) We have no problem letting the customer purchase their own hardware and pay us for labor, but we'd like our customers to be aware that if you purchase the wrong part, we will still charge you the labor price whether it works or not.




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